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Publications since 2015. DMPI-Endo members in Bold. 



The GIPR is predominantly localized to non-adipocyte cell types within white adipose tissue.

Jonathan E. Campbell, Jacquline L. Beaudry, Berit Svendsen, Laurie L. Baggio, Andrew N. Gordon, John R. Ussher, Chi Kin Wong, Fiona M. Gribble, David A. D'Alessio, Frank Reimann, Daniel J. Drucker.




GIP mediates the incretin effect and glucose tolerance by dual actions on alpha cells and beta cells

Kimberley El, Sarah M. Gray, Megan E. Capozzi, Emily R. Knuth, Erli Jin, Berit Svendsen, Alexis Clifford, Jennifer L. Brown, Bryanna M. Chazotte, Kyle W. Sloop, Derek J. Nunez, Matthew J. Merrins, David A. D'AlessioJonathan E. Campbell

Science Advances


Extreme elevations of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol with very low carbohydrate, high fat diets

Schaffer AE, D'Alessio DA, Guyton JR.

J Clin Lipidol



Mechanisms controlling pancreatic islet cell function in insulin secretion

Jonathan E. Campbell, Christopher B. Newgard

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology



Revisiting the complexity of GLP-1 action - from sites of synthesis to receptor activation

Brent A. McLean, Chi Kin Wong, Jonathan E. Campbell, David J. Hodson, Stefan Trapp, Daniel J. Drucker

Endocrine Reviews


Reductive TCA cycle metabolism fuels glutamine- and glucose-stimulated insulin secretion

Guo-Fang Zhang, Mette V. Jensen, Sarah M. Gray, Kimberley El, You Wang, Danhong Lu, Thomas C. Becker, Jonathan E. Campbell, Christopher B. Newgard

Cell Metabolism


Targeting the GIPR for obesity: To agonize or antagonize? Potential mechanisms

 Jonathan E. Campbell

Molecular Metabolism


Pyruvate Kinase Controls Signal Strength in the Insulin Secretory Pathway

Sophie L. Lewandowski, Rebecca L. Cardone, Hannah R. Foster, Thuong Ho, Evgeniy Potapenko, Chetan Poudel, Halena R. VanDeusen, Sophia M. Sdao, Tiago C. Alves, Xiaojian Zhao, Megan E. Capozzi, Arnaldo H. de Souza, Ishrat Jahan, Craig J. Thomas, Craig S. Nunemaker, Dawn B. Davis, Jonathan E. Campbell, Richard G. Kibbey, Matthew J. Merrins

Cell Metabolism


Brain control of blood glucose levels: implications for the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes

Kimberly M. Alonge, David A D'Alessio, Michael W. Schwartz



Repositioning the alpha cell in postprandial metabolism

Kimberley El, Megan E. Capozzi, Jonathan E. Campbell



Beta-cell specific ablation of sirtuin 4 does not affect nutrient-stimulated insulin secretion in mice

Frank K. Huynh, Brett S. Peterson, Kristin A. Anderson, Zhihong Lin, Aeowynn J. Coakley, Fiara M.S. Llaguno, Thi-Tina N. Nguyen, Jonathan E. Campbell, Samuel B. Stephens, Christopher B. Newgard, Matthew D. Hirschey

American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism


Sustained release of a GLP-1 and FGF21 dual agonist from an injectable depot protects mice from obesity and hyperglycemia

Caslin A. Gilroy, Megan E. Capozzi, Anastasia K. Varanko, Jenny Tong, David A. D'AlessioJonathan E. Campbell, Ashutosh Chilkoti

Science Advances


Could micro changes in beta-cells enable major changes in metabolism?

Megan E. Capozzi,  Jonathan E. Campbell



Tirzepatide is an imbalanced and biased dual GIP and GLP-1 receptor agonist

Francis S. Willard, Jonathan D. Douros, Maria B.N. Gabe, Aaron D. Showalter, David B. Wainscott, Todd M. Suter, Megan E. Capozzi, Wijnand J.C. van der Velden, Cynthia Stutsman, Guemalli R. Cardona, Shweta Urva, Paul J. Emmerson, Jens J. Holst, David A. D'Alessio, Matthew P. Coghlan, Mette M. Rosenkilde, Jonathan E. Campbell, Kyle W. Sloop

JCI Insight


Preliminary evidence of effects of potassium chloride on a metabolic path to diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Ranee Chatterjee, Clementine A. Davenport, Lydia Kwee, David D'Alessio, Laura P. Svetkey, Pao-Hwa Lin, Cris A. Slentz, Olga Ilkayeva, Johanna Johnson, David Edelman, Svati H Shah



Thermic effect of food and resting energy expenditure after sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss in adolescent females

Bonnie Brehm, Suzanne Summer, Todd Jenkins, David D'Alessio, Thomas Inge

Surgery for Obesity and Related Disorders


Efficacy and Safety of the Glucagon Receptor Antagonist RVT-1502 in Type 2 Diabetes Uncontrolled on Metformin Monotherapy: A 12-Week Dose-Ranging Study

Jeremy H. Pettus, David A D'Alessio, Juan P. Frias, Eric G. Vajda, James D. Pipkin, Julio Rosenstock, Gretchen Williamson, Miriam A. Zangmeister, Lin Zhi, Keith B. Marschke

Diabetes Care


Discordance between GLP-1R gene and protein expression in mouse pancreatic islets cells

Sarah M. Gray, Yurong Xin, Elizabeth C. RossBryanna M. ChazotteMegan E. Capozzi, Kimberley ElBerit Svendsen, Peter Ravn, Kyle W. Sloop, Jenny Tong, Jesper Gromada, Jonathan E. Campbell, David A. D'Alessio

Journal of Biological Chemistry


Pimozide Alleviates Hyperglycemia in Diet-Induced Obesity by Inhibiting Skeletal Muscle Ketone Oxidation

Rami Al Batran, Keshav Goal, Megan E. Capozzi,  Jadin J. Chahade, Bruno Saleme, S. Amirhossein Tabatabaei-Dakhili, Amada A. Greenwell, Jingjing Nui, Malak Almutairi, Nikole J. Myme, Grant Masson, Ryekjang Kim, Carlos A. Velazquez-Martinez, Celine Agues, Peter A. Crawford, Gopinath Sutendra, Jonathan E. Campbell, Jason R.B. Dyck, John R. Ussher. 

Cell Metabolism


The Limited Role of Glucagon for Ketogenesis During Fasting or in Response to SGLT2 Inhibition

Megan E. Capozzi, Reilly W. Coch, Jepchumba Koech, Inna I. Astapova, Jacob B. Wait, Sara E. Encisco, Jonathan D. Douros, Kimberly El, Brian Finan, Kyle W. Sloop, Mark A. Herman, David A. D’Alessio, Jonathan E. Campbell




2019 update to: Management of hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes, 2018. A consensus report by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD)

John B Buse, Deborah J Wexler, Apostolos Tsapas, Peter Rossing, Geltrude Mingrone, Chantal Mathieu, David A D'Alessio, Melanie J Davies

Diabetes Care


2019 update to: Management of hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes, 2018. A consensus report by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD)

John B Buse, Deborah J Wexler, Apostolos Tsapas, Peter Rossing, Geltrude Mingrone, Chantal Mathieu, David A D'Alessio, Melanie J Davies



Pharmacological Antagonism of the Incretin System Protects Against Diet-induced Obesity. 

Berit Svendsen, Megan E Capozzi, Jingjing Nui, Sarah A Hannou, Brian Finan, Jacqueline Naylor, Peter Ravn, David A D’Alessio, Jonathan E Campbell

Molecular Metabolism


Rapid hepatic metabolism blunts the endocrine actions of portally infused GLP-1 in male rats.

Benedikt A Aulinger, Marta Perabo, Randy J Seeley, Klaus G Parhofer, David A D'Alessio

American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism


The effects of preioperative dexamethasone on glycemic control and postoperative outcomes.

Rebecca A Herbst, Onala T Telford, John Hunting, W Michael Bullock, Erin Manning, Beatrics D Hong, David A D'Alessio, Tracy L Setji

Endocrine Practice


L-citrulline supplementation improvew glucose and exercise tolerance in obese male mice 

Amina Eshreif, Rami Al Batran, K Lockhart Jamieson, Ahmed M Darwesh, Keshav Gopal, Amanda A Greenwell, Igor Zlobine, Hanin Aburasayn, Farah Eaton, Erin E Mulvihill, Jonathan E Campbell, John M Seubert, John R Ussher

Experimental Physiology


The role of GIP in α-cells and glucagon secretion

Kimberley El, Jonathan E Campbell



Physiological roles of the GIP receptor in murine brown adipose tissue

Jacqueline L Beaudry, Kiran D Kaur, Elodie M Varin, Laurie L Baggio, Xiemin Cao, Erin E Mulvihill, Holly E Bates, Jonathan E Campbell, Daniel J Drucker

Molecular Metabolism


The Effects of Bariatric Surgery on Islet Function, Insulin Secretion, and Glucose Control

Jonathan D Douros, Jenny Tony, David A D'Alessio

Endocrine Reviews


Temporal plasticity of insulin and incretin secretion and insulin sensitivity following sleeve gastrectomy contribute to sustained improvements in glucose control

Jonathan D Douros, Jingjing Niu, Sophia Sdao, Trillian Gregg, Matthew J Merrins, Jonathan Campbell, Jenny Tong, David D'Alessio

Molecular Metabolism


The role of GIP and pancreatic GLP-1 in the glucoregulatory effect of DPP-4 inhibition in mice.

Chelsea R. Hutch, Karen Roelofs, April Haller, Joyce Sorrell, Kyle Leix, David A. D'Alessio, Robert Augustin, Randy J. Seeley, Thomas Klein, Darleen A. Sandoval



Beta-cell sensitivity to insulinotropic gut hormones is reduced after gastric bypass surgery

Marzieh Salehi, Amalia Gastaldelli, David A D'Alessio



One small step for mice, one giant leap for GWAS?

Mark A Herman, Jonathan E Campbell, David A D’Alessio

Journal of Clinical Investigation


Glucagon lowers glycemia when β cells are active

Megan E Capozzi, Jacob B Wait, Andrew N Gordon Jepchumba Koech, Reilly W Coch, Berit Svendsen, Brian Finan, David A D’Alessio, Jonathan E Campbell

JCI Insight


Intra-Islet Ghrelin Signaling does not Regulate Insulin Secretion from Adult Mice

Sarah M Gray, Jingjing Niu, Amanda Zhang, Berit Svendsen, Jonathan E Campbell, David A D’Alessio, Jenny Tong



Repositioning Glucagon Action in the Physiology and Pharmacology of Diabetes

Brian Finan, Megan E Capozzi, Jonathan E Campbell



Role of vagal activation in postprandial glucose metabolism after gastric bypass in individuals with and without hypoglycemia

Marzieh Salehi, Amalia Gastaldelli, David A D'Alessio

Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism


Reg3 Proteins as Gut Hormones? Don’t Be Hasty

Jonathan D Douros, Jonathan E Campbell



The brown adipose tissue glucagon receptor is functional but not essential for control of energy homeostasis in mice

Jacqueline L Beaudry, Kiran Deep Kaur, Elodie M Varin, Laurie L Baggio, Xiemin Cao, Erin E Mulvihill, Jennifer H Stern, Jonathan E Campbell, Phillip E Scherer, Daniel J Drucker

Molecular Metabolism


Sleeve gastrectomy rapidly enhances islet function independently of body weight

Jonathan D Douros, Jingjing Niu, Sophia Sdao, Trillian Gregg, Kelsey Fisher-Wellman, Manish Bharadwaj, Anthony Molina, Ramamani Arumugam, MacKenzie Martin, Enrico Petretto, Matthew J Merrins, Mark A Herman, Jenny Tong, Jonathan E Campbell, David A D’Alessio

JCI Insight


Beta Cell tone is defined by proglucagon peptides through cAMP signaling

Megan E Capozzi, Berit Svendsen, Sara E Encisco, Sophie L Lewandowski, Mackenzie D Martin, Haopeng Lin, Justin L Jaffe, Reilly W Coch, Jonathan M Haldeman, Patrick E MacDonald, Matthew J Merrins, David A D’Alessio, Jonathan E Campbell

JCI Insight


Circulating levels of soluble dipeptidyl peptidase-4 are dissociated from inflammation and induced by enzymatic dpp4 inhibition

Elodie M Varin, Erin E Mulvihill, Jacqueline L Beaudry, Gemma Pujadas, Shai Fuchs, Jean-François Tanti, Sofia Fazio, Kirandeep Kaur, Xiemin Cao, Laurie L Baggio, Dianne Matthews, Jonathan E Campbell, Daniel J Drucker

Cell Metabolism



Management of hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes, 2018. A consensus report by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD)

Melanie J Davies, David A D'Alessio, Judith Fradkin, Walter N Kernan, Chantal Mathieu, Geltrude Mingrone, Peter Rossing, Apostolos Tsapas, Deborah J Wexler, John B Buse



Management of hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes, 2018. A consensus report by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD)

Melanie J Davies, David A D'Alessio, Judith Fradkin, Walter N Kernan, Chantal Mathieu, Geltrude Mingrone, Peter Rossing, Apostolos Tsapas, Deborah J Wexler, John B Buse



Skeletal muscle-specific Cre recombinase expression, controlled by the human α-skeletal actin promoter, improves glucose tolerance in mice fed a high-fat diet

Rami Al Batran, Keshav Gopal, Mackenzie D Martin, Kim L Ho, Malak Almutairi, Hanin Aburasayn, Farah Eaton, Jonathan E Campbell, John R Ussher



LY3298176, a novel dual GIP and GLP-1 receptor agonist for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus: From discovery to clinical proof of concept

Tamer Coskun, Kyle W Sloop, Corina Loghin, Jorge Alsina-Fernandex, Shweta Urva, Krister B Bokvist, Xuewei Cui, Daniel A Briere, Over Cabrera, William C Roell, Uma Juchibholta, Julie S Moyers, Charles T Benson, Ruth E Gimeno, David A D'Alessio, Axel Haupt

Molecular Metabolism


Interaction of GLP-1 and Ghrelin on Glucose Tolerance in Healthy Humans

Laura C Page, Amalia Gastaldelli, Sarah M Gray, David A D'Alessio, Jenny Tong



Enhanced glucose control following vertical sleeve gastrectomy does not require a β-cell glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor

Jonathan D Douros, Alfor G Lewis, Eric P Smith, JingJing Niu, Megan Capozzi, April Wittmann, Jonathan Campbell, Jenny Tong, Constance Wagner, Parinaz Mahbod, Randy Seeley, David A D’Alessio



Can we RISE to the Challenge of Youth-Onset Type 2 Diabetes?

John B Buse, David A D'Alessio, Matthew C Riddell

Diabetes Care


Remodeling of the acetylproteome by SIRT3 manipulation fails to affect insulin secretion or β cell metabolism in the absence of overnutrition

Brett S Peterson, Jonathan E Campbell, Olga Ilkayeva, Paul A Grimsrud, Matthew D Hirschey, Christopher B Newgard

Cell Reports


Targeting the incretin/glucagon system with triagonists to treat diabetes

Megan E Capozzi, Richard D DiMarchi, Matthias H Tschöp, Brian Finan, Jonathan E Campbell

Endocrine Reviews


Inactivation of the glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide receptor improves outcomes following experimental myocardial infarction

John R Ussher, Jonathan E Campbell, Erin E Mulvihill, Laurie L Baggio, Holly E Bates, Brent A McLean, Keshav Gopal, Megan Capozzi, Bernardo Yusta, Xiemin Cao, Safina Ali, Minsuk Kim, M Golam Kabir, Yutaka Seino, Jinya Suzuki, Daniel J Drucker

Cell Metabolism



Metformin Use May Moderate the Effect of DPP-4 Inhibitors on Cardiovascular Outcomes

Matthew J Crowley, John W Williams, Andrzej S Kosinski, David A D'Alessio, John B Buse

Diabetes Care


β-cell inactivation of GPR119 unmasks incretin dependence of GPR119-mediated glucoregulation

Brandon L Panaro, Grace B Flock, Jonathan E Campbell, Jacqueline L Beaudry, Xiemin Cao, Daniel J Drucker



SIRT4 is a lysine deacylase that controls leucine metabolism and insulin secretion

Kristin A Anderson, Frank K Huynh, Kelsey Fisher-Wellman, J Darren Stuart, Brett S Peterson, Jonathan D Douros, Gregory R Wagner, J Will Thompson, Andreas S Madsen, Michelle F Green, R Michael Sivley, Olga R Ilkayeva, Robert D Stevens, Donald S Backos, John A Capra, Christian A Olsen, Jonathan E Campbell, Deborah M Muoio, Paul A Grimsrud, Matthew D Hirschey

Cell Metabolism


DREADDing proglucagon neurons: a fresh look at metabolic regulation by the brain

Jonathan E Campbell, David A D’Alessio

Journal of Clinical Investigation


Disruption of Glucagon-LIke Peptide 1 Signaling in Sim1 Neurons Reduces Physiological and Behavioral Reactivity to Acute and Chronic Stress

Sriparna Ghosal, Amy EB Packard, Parinaz Mahbod, Jessica M McKlveen, Randy J Seeley, Brent Myers, Yvonne Ulrich-Lai, Eric P Smith, David A D'Alessio, James P Herman

Journal of Neuroscience


Cellular sites and mechanisms linking reduction of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 activity to control of incretin hormone action and glucose homeostasis

Erin E Mulvihill, Elodie M Varin, Bojana Gladanac, Jonathan E Campbell, John R Ussher, Laurie L Baggio, Bernardo Yusta, Jennifer Ayala, Melissa A Burmeister, Dianne Matthews, KW Annie Bang, Julio E Ayala, Daniel J Drucker

Cell Metabolism



Incretin-based therapies for the failing heart

John R Ussher, Jonathan E Campbell

Cardiovascular Endocrinology & Metabolism


Mechanisms of surgical control of type 2 diabetes: GLP-1 is the key factor - Maybe

Marzieh Salehi, David A D'Alessio

Surgery for Obesity and Related Disease


Inhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 impairs ventricular function and promotes cardiac fibrosis in high fat–fed diabetic mice

Erin E Mulvihill, Elodie M Varin, John R Ussher, Jonathan E Campbell, KW Annie Bang, Tahmid Abdullah, Laurie L Baggio, Daniel J Drucker




TCF1 links GIPR signaling to the control of beta cell function and survival

Jonathan E Campbell, John R Ussher, Erin E Mulvihill, Jelena Kolic, Laurie L Baggio, Xiemen Cao, Yu Liu, Benjamin J Lamont, Tsukasa Morii, Catherine J Streutker, Natalia Tamarina, Louis H Philipson, Jeffrey L Wrana, Patrick E MacDonald, Daniel J Drucker

Nature Medicine


The incretin effect in obese adolescents with and without type 2 diabetes: impaired or intact?

Benedikt A Aulinger, Torsten P Vahl, Ron L Prigeon, David A D'Alessio, Deborah A Elder

American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism




Insulin Sensitivity and Beta-cell Function Improve after Gastric Bypass in Severely Obese Adolescents

Thomas H Inge, Ronald L Prigeon, Deborah A Elder, Todd M Jenkins, Robert M Cohen, Stavra A Xanthakos, Stephen C Benoit, Lawrence M Dolan, Stephen R Daniels, David A D'Alessio

Journal of Pediatrics


Phenotypic characterization of MIP-CreERT1Lphi mice with transgene-driven islet expression of human growth hormone

Daniel Oropeza, Nathalie Jouvet, Lionel Budry, Jonathan E Campbell, Khalil Bouyakdan, Julie Lacombe, Gabrielle Perron, Valerie Bergeron, Joshua C Neuman, Harpreet K Brar, Rachel J Fenske, Clemence Meunier, Sarah Sczelecki, Michelle E Kimple, Daniel J Drucker, Robert A Screaton, Vincent Poitout, Mathieu Ferron, Thierry Alquier, Jennifer L Estall



Islet α cells and glucagon—critical regulators of energy homeostasis

Jonathan E Campbell, Daniel J Drucker

Nature Reviews Endocrinology


Insulin Determir is Transported From Blood to Celebrospinal Fluid and Has Prolonged Central Anorectic Action Relative to NPH Insulin

Denovan P Begg, Aaron A May, Joram D Mul, Min Liu, David A D'Alessio, Randy J Seeley, Stephen C Woods



Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists increase pancreatic mass by induction of protein synthesis

Jacqueline A Koehler, Laurie L Baggio, Xiemin Cao, Tahmid Abdulla, Jonathan E Campbell, Thomas Secher, Jacob Jelsing, Brett Larsen, Daniel J Drucker



Diet-induced obese mice retain endogenous leptin action

Nickki Ottaway, Parinaz Mahbod, Belen Rivero, Lee Ann Norman, Arieh Gertler, David A D'Alessio, Diego Perez-Tilve

Cell Metabolism


A rationally designed monomeric peptide triagonist corrects obesity and diabetes in rodents

Brian Finan, Bin Yang, Nickki Ottaway, David L Smiley, Tao Ma, Christoffer Clemmensen, Joe Chabenne, Lianshan Zhang, Kirk M Habegger, Katrin Fischer, Jonathan E Campbell, Darleen Sandoval, Randy J Seeley, Konrad Bleicher, Sabine Uhles, William Riboulet, Jürgen Funk, Cornelia Hertel, Sara Belli, Elena Sebokova, Karin Conde-Knape, Anish Konkar, Daniel J Drucker, Vasily Gelfanov, Paul T Pfluger, Timo D Müller, Diego Perez-Tilve, Richard D DiMarchi, Matthias H Tschöp

Nature Medicine

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